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Are casinos rigged?

Are casinos rigged?

The house always wins. This is a popular saying that everyone may have heard and it is absolutely true. The house always wins but that does not mean it is doing so by unfair means. Are casinos rigged? They are not, at least the ones that are licensed and regulated. Read on to find out what we know this is true.

Are casinos rigged?

The biggest casinos earn billions of dollars every year and there are enough profits to be able to win without resorting to any sort of unfair tactics. Every single casino game in every casino always has a mathematical edge towards the casino. When there are large enough chances being considered ( enough players playing enough number of times) this edge will always come through.

That means if the casino has an overall edge of 20%, it will make $20 Million for every $100 Million being gambled.

The casino does not care about individual winners as they tend to average themselves out against the people losing money.

Are casinos rigged? They cannot take the risk. There are some very strict oversight committees that are on top of the casinos all the time. They take into account how much is the win percentage, the overall house edge, the kind of promotions being offered, and the manner in which the customer complaints are being addressed.

Every single aspect of the casino's functioning is under scrutiny.

Perhaps the most popular casino game in every establishment is the slot machine. Here too, every slot machine now comes with an in-built Random Number Generator that cannot be tampered with. The slot machine spits out results as per the algorithm fed to it in a completely random manner. Time, day, county, or anything else just does not matter.

The gambling industry earns way too much money to risk it all by rigging their games. That is a fact.


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