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Are free spins really free?

Are free spins really free?

Free spins are some of the commonest promotions that you might come across on a gambling site. They often come bundled as a welcome bonus for new players. The offer often sounds too good to be true. Are free spins really free? Or is there something more to them? Let’s find out.

Are free spins really free?

The answer to this depends on the terms and conditions set out by the website which is handing them out. In most cases, although the spins are `technically´ free, they come attached with some terms and conditions.

Most websites bundle the free spins with a first deposit bonus. The bonus amount is tied to certain wagering requirements, which have to be met within a stipulated time frame. If the requirement is not fulfilled within the set time, you will not get the free spins. For those who do manage to fulfill the wagering requirement, free spins are credited to their account, and again, have to be used within a certain time period, or else they are forfeited.

Wagering requirement on free spin wins

Some websites also apply wagering requirements on the winnings associated with free spins, which have to be met before the winnings can be withdrawn. For example, if you win ₹1000 using free spins, and they have a wagering requirement of 10x times, you will need to wager ₹10,000 before the winnings can be withdrawn.

Cap on winnings

As free spins are essentially a loss-making offer for the website, they often cap the winnings which can be quite frustrating, especially if you hit a big jackpot.

No deposit free spins

These types of free spins are the best, as you do not have to make any deposits in order to earn them. However, these offers are pretty rare to come by.


Are free spins really free? Free spins are a great way to spend time, spending no money, and can also land you a winning, which can fortify your bankroll for future betting. They don't always end up being free, though!

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