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Are Online Casinos Legal in India?

Are Online Casinos Legal in India?

Online casinos are growing in popularity around the world. This year, more than any other in history has been one where all of our lives have moved online. That includes gambling as well. Online casinos have seen a surge in popularity in India and around the world. Are online casinos legal in India? That is a tricky question as you will soon see.

Are online casinos legal in India?

While betting and gambling in India is illegal, online casinos are not. You may be wondering how that is possible but that is exactly the case. An extremely outdated and ancient law, one which was formulated by the British close 140 years ago, is the basis of gambling being outlawed in India.

That law does not mention online casinos or online gambling at all because such a thing did not exist at that time. There is, technically, nothing that makes online casinos illegal in India.

Can you go to jail for playing at an onlne casino?

While you can probably be charged for something theoretically, it has never actually happened in India. Never. Not a single person has ever gone to jail. The reason behind it is that the online casinos are registered in countries where gambling is legal. They do not come under Indian law or are answerable to Indian police services.

Still, you should conult a lawyer if you think you are getting into something that may get you in trouble.

Our Opinion

We are more liberal in our views, for obvious reasons. People travel abroad and play at casinos or buy lottery tickets all the time. They even win sometimes and bring back those winnings to India without any prblems. This is exactly like that. You go to an online casino and play. Why should you be treated any differently if all you are doing is a digital version of what is already allowed in real life?

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