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Can I Withdraw A Casino Bonus?

Can I Withdraw A Casino Bonus?

You will find free casino bonuses being given out at every online casino that you can find. What does it mean? Can I withdraw a casino bonus? Is it just free money that you can just walk away with? Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

Can I withdraw a casino bonus?

Different casino bonuses have different terms and conditions attached to them, something you should read before signing up for anything. A couple of common things, in general, are playthrough restrictions associated with them. Even the best online casinos have these restrictions to prevent players from taking advantage of them. How do these restrictions work and what do they mean?

Playthrough restrictions prevent a player from withdrawing a casino bonus until he or she has met the terms set by the online casino. For example, it is not uncommon to find playthrough restrictions of close to 20x or even 35x associated with casino bonuses. That means if you get a bonus of INR 1000, you have to bet INR 20,000 or 35,000 respectively before you can make a withdrawal.

So the answer to can I withdraw a casino bonus is no, you cannot. The online casinos earn billions and employ some of the best statisticians on the planet. They are not in the business of giving away money and you should know that!

You can take advantage of the bonuses by playing as you normally do and seeing if luck goes your way. Once your wagering requirements are met and all the bets are settled, you can withdraw your casino bonus amount. Also, you should know that the wagering requirement for casinos is much more than for sportsbooks in general.

There are a few casinos like Betway where you can withdraw a part of the bonus depending on certain terms and conditions. That is rare and honestly, not much different to the others.


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