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Can you win money playing blackjack?

Can you win money playing blackjack?

Gambling stories have always been fascinating. Everyone would have heard at least once in their lifetime, about someone who made a fortune playing games like blackjack. While most of us play at a casino as a pastime, and lose money more often then not, it is natural to wonder can you win money playing blackjack? After all, we all have heard the old adage, `the house always wins´. So let us try to find out if we can really make money from blackjack.

Can you win money playing blackjack?

The simple answer to this is yes, you can. But it requires a great deal of skill, patience and concentration to consistently make money from blackjack. Here are a few tips that can help you to try and win consistently

Take small steps

Everyone wants to win big in a single game. But remember, Rome was not built in a day. Rather than trying to make a big win, always try to small ball your way into profits. Rather than becoming greedy and losing your bankroll in the process, accumulate small winnings.

Don’t get emotional while playing

Remember, getting emotional makes you irrational. If a dealer wins a hand, or if another player on the table splits a pair of tens, it is not the end of the world. Rather than making poor decisions, exercise self control.

Know when to walk away

This perhaps is the simplest but yet the hardest part of ensuring that you walk away a winner. There are plenty of players who are good at playing and winning, but do not know when to stop, and end up losing money.


Honing the skill to win consistently at blackjack takes a lot of time, but it is one game where, at least theoretically, you can beat the house consistently. Try to play at a reputable online casino like Leovegas.

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