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When Are You Considered a High Roller?

High roller is a title assigned to a punter, who has a habit of betting large amounts at casinos. Also called a whale or a cheetah, high rollers enjoy numerous benefits offered by online casinos.

These individuals can be found mostly in land-based casinos, but some people will play high-stakes online, too. You will find them distinctive in their approach, primarily in how they bet, as their stakes are usually high.

Their collective bets during a session or an evening of gambling amounts to thousands of dollars, irrespective of the outcome.

On this page, we will cover the various aspects of what makes a person a high roller, how much they bet, their strategies, the benefits of being a high roller, etc.

Who is Considered a High Roller?

In a casino setting, if you are someone with deep pockets who likes to wager high amounts of money, you qualify as a high roller.

Casinos hold such players in high esteem, often bestowing upon them exclusive offers such as VIP access, complimentary packages, and other similar perks.

The number of high rollers can vary from casino to casino and so does their betting patterns, but the one thing common among them is their wagering sums, which are usually humongous.

It is also noteworthy that what is usually considered a high roller in land-based casinos does not necessarily mean the same when it comes to online casinos.

But if you spend huge chunks of money in online casinos, the casinos will take notice and reward you with a variety of offers, including higher withdrawal and deposit limits, complimentary items, favourable bonuses, and many more.

How to Become a High Roller?

How Much Money Does a High Roller Spend?

How much money a high roller spends at a casino varies from person to person. Some factors that contribute towards their spending include the type of games they play or the specific casino they are playing in.

Regardless, you will notice them spending hundreds and thousands of dollars per hand in games like blackjack, poker, etc.

If they are far more experienced high rollers, they might even end up spending millions during a single visit to the casino.

At other times, players with even less spending in comparison can qualify as high rollers depending on how the particular casino defines it.

What are the Different High Roller Bonuses?

As previously mentioned, high rollers often get noticed by casinos, who do their part to ensure that the player becomes their returning customer.

In accordance, they confer upon them a variety of tailored bonuses that are more lucrative than standard promotions available for regular players.

These bonuses can include options like –

  • Favorable terms and conditions: As a high roller, you will get enhanced terms and conditions on bonuses, which may include reduced wagering requirements, high deposit and withdrawal limits, etc.
  • Augmented deposit bonuses: Speaking of deposits, you can receive a bigger match percentage, say, a 100% match bonus on a specified bonus amount
  • VIP programs: Casinos will enroll you directly into their VIP programs, thus giving you access to cashback offers, exclusive events, personalized rewards, etc. You may also get the services of a dedicated concierge to assist with your finances every time you visit the casino
  • Personalized promotions: More often than not, casinos run exclusive promotions for high rollers. As a part of the program, you get the chance to participate in specific events and high-stakes tournaments
  • Faster deposits and withdrawals: You also receive an advantage in the form of rapid transactions that are not available for standard casino players. Faster deposits and withdrawals eliminate the waiting period, which is often dreaded by most members
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High Roller Strategies at Casino Games

Due to their experience and financial risks involved, which vary from standard casino gamers, high rollers deploy advanced strategies.

Some of these include –

  • Counting cards: To get an edge on the house, high rollers often count cards to determine which cards have been dealt and accordingly adjust their bets
  • Bankroll management: Managing bankroll is one of the well-defined strategies of high rollers. Often staking inflated wagers, they set aside a significant portion of their funds to not exhaust them quickly
  • Games preference: High rollers often opt for casino games that offer better odds. Alternatively, they will only play those games that they are well-versed in
  • Negotiations: These players are notorious for negotiating complimentary services and incentives from the casino depending on their expertise. This helps them save on costs, get a competitive advantage, and build a positive relationship with the casinos
  • Compounding bets: This strategy requires high rollers to increase their bets after winning a hand and decrease when they lose. The approach is targeted towards maximizing winnings but can be risky at the same time

How to Become a High Roller?

The first step towards becoming a high roller is to be consistent in your betting. That said, there are several routes that you can take to achieve your goals with a casino.

These are listed below –

  1. Make a big first deposit: It is important to start big if you aim to become a high roller. When you make a substantial initial deposit, you manage to catch the attention of the casino. Since you have now left a strong first impression, the casino will keep a close watch on your activities. A large deposit also gives them the impression that you have big money to spend. This will open doors for you to attract special promotions and offers
  2. Place high bets: Placing high-value bets is again a strategy similar to making a first deposit because one of your earlier goals is to attract attention from the casino. Visit different rooms and check out what other high rollers are wagering and accordingly decide how much you want to spend
  3. Socialize: Socialize with the members of the casino at every opportunity you get. This will keep you visible in their eyes and will help you explain to them your intentions in the long run. A positive relationship with the casino will help both parties meet halfway in case any issues crop up with high bets that you might place
  4. Earn complimentary points: Many casinos allow you to sign up for their rewards program, enabling you to pay for using their in-house services. Since you will be spending a good amount of money, it will earn you complimentary points. You can use these points to claim offers and incentives that you feel will be beneficial
  5. Opt for VIP program: VIP programs can get you perks such as cashbacks and freerolls. Most online casinos use the program as a ladder for their members, where you start at the bottom and gradually make your way to the top. Usually, VIP programs have a point system, meaning the more points you collect, the better will be your rewards
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