Online Crash Games

Crash games are quickly becoming one of the most popular genres at online casinos. It is different from traditional casino games and sees instant rewards within a matter of seconds.

When playing crash games you are required to place bets in real-time while playing with other players simultaneously. You can find different categories of games such as car crash game, rocket crash game, plane crash game, etc. offering you new variations to try out every time.

On this page, you will learn everything there is to know about these instant games. Read on to start your journey!

Best Crash Game Casinos
100% Bonus up to 1,30,000 and 150 Free Spins
100% Bonus up to INR 25,000
360% Bonus up to 1,00,000 BCD
150% Bonus up to INR 1,05,000
100% Bonus up to 90,000 and 150 Free Spins
700% Bonus up to INR 90,000
150% Bonus up to INR 1,00,000
250% Bonus up to INR 2,500
100% Bonus up to INR 30,000
100% Bonus up to INR 30,000

Where Can I Play Crash Games Online?

If you are new to crash games, you might require all the help that you can get. This is where we step in and help you understand the thrill behind playing crash games online.

The first thing you need to know is that instant games were initially invented in crypto casinos, but are now available everywhere. The notion of these games is to keep up with the lines or markers before calling it quits. When the marker climbs, so do your winnings. Conversely, when the line crashes without you cashing out, you lose your stake.

Sounds exciting? The best way to understand a crash game is to play it first hand. Highlighted below are some of the best recommendations that will bring you great value for your time and money.

Magnify man instant game bluechip (1)

BC Game

BC.Game has made its mark by becoming one of the best crypto casinos in India. It offers some of the most convenient deposit and withdrawal methods and is home to a variety of crash games such as Aviator, Cricket X, Jet X, etc., as well as BC Game Crash, which is its in-house creation, offering 99% RTP.

These instant games are easy to play and can be enjoyed by beginners as well as advanced players. Here, you are required to predict how far up the marker will reach before crashing. In case you get your prediction correct, you will receive your initial bet amount, plus the multiplier. If you fail to accurately predict, you lose and win nothing.

Regardless of how simple the rules are, they will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. The excitement that comes with these games is why they will keep you coming back to BC Game Crash for more.

360% Bonus up to 1,00,000 BCD


Blue Chip has an entire section dedicated to instant games with over 200 options to explore. You can also secure an initial bonus between 100% and 125% up to INR 36,000 + 120 Aviator free bets.

Additionally, you can claim an Aviator Weekly Bonus of 50% up to INR 4,000 or 3 mBTC. The online casino regularly gives you free bets to try out your luck in its various crash games.

Among the list of crash games, you can find options such as JetX, Aviator, Crash X, Cricket Crash, Zeppelin, Football X, and Need for X. You also get convenient payment options including using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, but also regular deposit methods like UPI and credit cards.

500% Bonus up to INR 1,00,000


Similar to Blue Chip, Bettilt has a separate section for instant games with plenty of choices to try out. While the online casino site does not offer a crash game welcome bonus, you can certainly take advantage of Daily Reload bonus, which gives you 20% on your deposit up to INR 20,000.

Some of the most popular titles listed under the crash game category include Aviator, Instant Racing, Minesweeper, Zeppelin, Patrick’s Pick, and Disco 777.

You can also find crypto payment options, including Bitcoin, Tether and Ethereum along with UPI and Astropay.

100% Bonus up to 90,000 and 150 Free Spins

What Are Crash Games?

Online casinos keep coming up with new ways to keep their members entertained and to attract new ones. Their most recent addition to their attractions are crash games. These games are especially created for gamers who like to trade using crypto. The graphics appear as if representing trade markets, as they comprise a graph with an indicator that shows multipliers.

At the beginning of each round, you get an allotted time frame to place your bet. After that, you will see a line climb. As the line goes up, you can cash out at any time. Eventually, it will crash, so you have to cash out before it reaches that point. If you have not cashed out and the multiplier crashes, you lose your stake.

Crash game jet x

The games are very quick since you can exit as you deem it fit. Some casinos offer a demo version to let you get a hang of the crash game online without risking your own money first. Like other casino games, instant games come with provably fair technology ensuring that all rounds played are random and fair.

One of the main features of crash games is the fact that you can see what other players win, too. The game offers a leaderboard showing you other player's winnings and sometimes even gives you the opportunity to chat with the other players in the room.

Among Indian audiences, Aviator is one of the most popular options. It offers innovative features such as double bet and in-game chat with other members. The game also has something called ‘Rain Promo’ which gives you free bets in the chat. You need to be the quickest out of the other members in order to claim it. Some of the other renowned gaming choices include Crash X, JetX, Spaceman, Magnify Man, etc.

How to Play Crash Games?

The rules of playing a crash game online are simple. By following the below steps, you can get the most out of them –

  1. Visit your preferred online casino and look for a category that reads either Instant Games or Crash Games
  2. If the website does not have a dedicated category, search for the game titles manually by entering keywords like JetX, Magnify Man, Aviator, Crash X, etc.
  3. Tap on your preferred game. Decide on the amount that you wish to wager and place a bet
  4. After the round begins, you will see a graph with a line representing the multiplier. The line keeps going up
  5. Wait till the time the line reaches your preferred multiplier level and tap on ‘cash out’ or a similar button representing the end of the game for you. Do remember that it will crash eventually
  6. Once it crashes, the game ends. In case you cashed out before the crash, you will get your winnings after the multiplier determines your reward amount. If you fail to cash out, you get nothing
  7. A fresh countdown starts for a new round to begin. This is when you place your next bet and follow suit

You should also know that most casinos today allow their members to place two bets at a time. So, place one bet on a low multiplier and at the same time, put another bet on a higher one. This presents you with an opportunity to maximise your profits either way.

100% Bonus up to 90,000 and 150 Free Spins

Tips for Playing Crash Games Online

Understanding the rules of a crash game is easy, but it has a small margin for miscalculation, which can make or break your bank. So, it becomes important to have a strategy beforehand to get your predictions correct. Here are a few tips that can help you minimise your losses –

  • Try out the demo version: Most casinos that offer crash games have a demo version in place to help you get a feel of what you can expect. These games cost nothing, but give you an in-depth insight about the features and rules of the game. Playing a demo version will leave you better prepared for the paid version
  • Place two bets as opposed to one: Placing two bets can be beneficial if you cash them out at different times. This decreases the risk and improves your margin of safety.
  • Discard patterns: Going in with a strategy is good, but patterns do not work in crash games since the numbers are randomly generated. Alertness is key to succeeding here
  • Play smaller stakes: While playing a game like BC Game Crash or car crash game, it is best advised to play smaller stakes. Losses are inevitable in these games and with a moderate stake, you will be able to better handle eventual losses. Additionally, not putting in all your funds will help you play the game longer, potentially helping you recover your losses
  • Use the auto cashout feature: The auto cashout feature allows you to withdraw your bet when the multiplier reaches a certain level. This way, you can keep your losses to a minimum. Depending on the source you choose to play, you might get the option of 50% auto cashout, meaning only half of your bet is withdrawn while the remaining half will continue to stay in the game until the crash
  • Use the bonus offer: Casinos will credit your account with bonuses that you can collect after making a deposit of a certain number. This will allow you to play games without actually adding your own money.

Instant game crash x

Most Popular Crash Games in India

Crash games have witnessed a steady rise in the number of players from India. If you wish to jump on the bandwagon, we have listed a few casino sites that you should definitely add to your list.

Read on to know more about the different instant games you can find in Indian casinos.


Aviator online is by far the most popular instant game in the world. It is a plane crash game from Spribe, and comes with multiplayer features to add an extra layer of thrill to your game.

The rules of this game are straightforward – you place your bet, watch the Aviator plane take off and cash out before the plane disappears into the sky. If you fail to press the cash out button, you lose your bet.

The game is updated with a random number generator, which decides when the plane soars away. There is a lot of real money to be won by predicting the outcome of a bet accurately.

Aviator stands out from other crash games in regards to its animation, which depicts an actual airplane flying in the sky. The game is also played in real-time, allowing you to interact with other members playing simultaneously.

To play this game, you can visit different casinos like Blue Chip, Parimatch, Rajabets or BC.Game.

bluechip crash game aviator


The rules of JetX are the same as Aviator’s, requiring you to cash out before the plane on your screen explodes. In order to receive a higher payout, ensure that you cash out late, but there is also the risk of the plane exploding sooner.

You can play it on various online casinos like Parimatch and Blue Chip to get maximum value. Jet X is not complex to understand and it has great retro graphics to keep you hooked for extended durations.

You can also chat with active players in addition to seeing the list of big winners during each round.

Crash X

Crash X is a casino game that has rules similar to Aviator and JetX, requiring you to cash out before the rocket crashes. This rocket crash game includes features that enhance your gaming experience. In addition to in-game chat features, the game allows you to double your bets and comes with attractive bonus offers.

It also has the auto cashout feature, which gives you the option of automatically cashing out after the rocket reaches a certain multiplier. You can use this feature during single bets as well as after placing multiple bets.

Blue Chip is arguably the best online casino to play Crash X.

500% Bonus up to INR 1,00,000

Cricket X

Smartsoft Gaming brings you Cricket X, an instant game which has simple betting rules. The graphics show a batter smashing the cricket ball high in the air. While the ball keeps soaring heights, the multiplier keeps increasing.

You can see the real-time odds and cash out when you feel like it. However, if the ball bursts, you lose the bet.

Cricket X can be played across different platforms including Parimatch and 10CRIC casinos.

Magnify Man

Magnify Man is an instant game that features a superhero-like figure flying up in the sky. You can see the stars passing by in the background and should cash out before the Magnify man flies away and takes your stake.

This is one of the most popular crash games in the world and can be played at nearly all legal online casinos in India. The game allows you to communicate with other players in the room and highlights the biggest wins in the round.

On the left side of the screen you can see the other players in the room, whereas the right side of the screen shows you the previous results, allowing you to make more informed bets.

BC Game Crash

BC.Game has come up with its own crash game titled ‘Crash’ which you can play on its official website. The game shows a dot climbing until it eventually crashes. Like the other games above, you are required to cash out before the crash occurs on BC Game Crash.

Until now, BC Game is the only online casino in India that offers its very own crash game.

360% Bonus up to 1,00,000 BCD
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