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Do casinos ever lose money?

Do casinos ever lose money?

Gambling has many times looked upon as a way to earn money. Many times we come across stories of gamblers who have made it big, earning millions of dollars on a game of poker or roulette. With such stories, it is easy to get carried away and get into gambling thinking that it’s easy money. But do casinos ever lose money?

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Do casinos ever lose money?

Most casinos are designed in such a way that there is always an edge for the house. After all, casinos are big business, spending millions of dollars each year on maintenance and marketing. The house edge, however large or small, always gives a return to the casino.

House edge

It is the return that a casino gets from every dollar players gamble with. Rather than earning profit from a single round or a single player, casinos are more interested in keeping you playing at the table for as long as possible. You may win a round or two, but eventually, the house edge kicks in, and you are bound to lose some money to the casino.

Games which have the highest house

Games like Keno, and slots, which may look purely random, and luck-based actually have the highest potential to make money for the casino.  Keno has a house edge of 20-35%, while slots have a house edge of up to 20%, depending on which slot you play, making them the worst to bet on in a casino.

Games which have the lowest house edge

Single deck blackjack, single zero roulette, and baccarat, while betting on player or banker have some of the lowest house edges, making players more likely to make some money.


While the glitzy world of casinos may seem alluring and inviting, it is always prudent to bet a particular amount only when you can afford to lose it. The key to beating the house edge is to know when to leave the table. Do casinos ever lose money? In the short run maybe but in the long run, as the old adage goes, `the house always wins´.

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