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Do casinos know how much you win?

Do casinos know how much you win?

There is a belief among payers that online casinos know how much the players are winning and they change their algorithm accordingly. Well, part of it is true and the other is completely false. Do casinos know how much you win? yes, of course! They know what is happening with each and every account that they have. That is the only way they can ensure that every player is getting paid the right amount and what they owe!

Does it make a difference? read on to find out.

Do casinos know how much you win?

Online casinos that are licensed and regulated by trustworthy gaming commissions have very strict oversight on their activities. Every move that they make is being watched. Also, the gaming algorithms that they use on their online casinos cannot be tampered with. Every good game maker installs an RNG (Random Number Generator) to process the results.

This is protected with military-grade encryption that even the game maker itself cannot break once it has been set up!

To change the result depending upon how much you have won in the past is just impossible.

Then there is the case of sports betting. The odds are there on the website for everyone to see and the results are available worldwide. There is just no question of tampering with any results to put your account at a disadvantage!

Do casinos know how much you win? Yes, they do and they do not care! In fact, online casinos advertise their biggest winners because that is a sure way to get more customers to their platform. There is nothing that is more lucrative than a player that wins for an online casino!

We advise you to make an account and play at a trustworthy casino where you will not worry about tampering or any other malpractise.


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