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Do casinos track you?

Do casinos track you?

Online casinos do all their business with you without ever actually getting to meet you. This is how the internet works but when large sums of money are involved, this can get a bit tricky. So, Do casinos track you? Do they do this in order that they can prevent you from winning, or do they track you for any other reason?

Do casinos track you?

Yes, casinos can track you, and there are a few reasons why they might do so. But first, let us understand how can they track you.

IP address

All devices which use the internet, be it desktop computers, tablets, or other mobile devices, have a unique number assigned to them, which is known as an IP address. It is like a postal address for a computer or a smartphone. Online casinos can track you and your location with the help of this IP address.

Why do casinos track you?

The first reason to track you is to meet the local regulatory requirements. If an online casino detects that you are trying to access the site from a region where online gambling is banned, they can block your access. Failure to do so can attract stiff fines for the casino.

Another reason that a casino may track you is to limit your wagers. Although this is a rare case scenario, a casino can limit the amount with which you can play, if you are having an exceptionally good run.

Do casinos track you? One more reason why an online casino may track you is to know whether you have a gambling addiction. Some casinos are proactive when it comes to gambling addictions, and do suggest players take a temporary break or may suggest self-limitations.

By tracking you, an online casino can also give you personalized promotions. If a website detects decreased activity from a certain user, it may give out a lucrative offer like free spins at the slot, or a bonus attached with wagering requirements, to get the player going again.

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