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Do cell phones affect slot machines?

Do cell phones affect slot machines?

Slots are probably the most popular gambling game played in a casino. In some casinos, slots generate close to 90% of a casino’s revenue. Slot games can also sometimes pay out big winnings, like the more than 39 million dollar jackpot won by a player at the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas. As slots are mechanical and electronic devices, many believe that it may be possible to manipulate them with other devices. Do cell phones affect slot machines?

Read on to find out!

Do cell phones affect slot machines?

Most slot machines nowadays run on complex computer software, known as the Random Number Generator, or RNG in short. It is a program that picks up combinations of random numbers, and the slot screen displayed the corresponding symbols or stops, associated with the numbers, on the screen.

There have been stories where people have tried to influence the outcome of this program, but there has been no substantial proof regarding the same.

In some older versions of the RNG, it was possible to study its cycles, and reverse engineer the numbers, mathematically skilled players, and predict the outcome of a spin to a certain extent. But this requires a lot of computing power and constant monitoring of the spins.

Previously, a group of people could do that, with one constantly sending the live feed of a slot, shot with a cell phone, and another person sitting outside the casino would analyze it with the help of a computer, trying to predict the next winning combination would be hit.

But once the casinos discovered this trick, most casinos now ban the use of mobile phones on the floor, especially around slot machines.


Do cell phones affect slot machines? While in theory, there may be ways to influence the outcome of a slot machine with a mobile phone, it is highly difficult to do that in practice. You will still need to rely on your luck to hit a jackpot!

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