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Has Anyone Won Big On Online Casino?

Has anyone won big on online casino?

Has anyone won big on online casino? This is a question that we get very often. People don't often believe that they can win an incredible amount of wealth in an online casino. Here are some examples that should change your mind.

Has anyone won big on online casino?

Yes. Let us start with perhaps the biggest recorded example in history:

  • A man from Finland won close to $23 Million dollars on a Mega Fortune Jackpot game in 2013. The website in question is Scandinavian, PAF, and has even shared the video of the winning spin. What was the amount that this lucky man spent on the spin? 25 cents.
  • The next example is a much better known one. Jonathan Heywood, from Cheshire, United Kingdom, is a former British soldier. He was playing a 25 cent per spin jackpot when he hit the mother load. He won close to $18 million dollars and it is safe to say that his life was never the same again!
  • Our third example is of the largest known jackpot hit on a mobile device. The identity of the player is not known but we do know that he or she was playing at Zodiac casino. Only an initial deposit of 1$ was made after which the jackpot hit was close to $9 Million dollars. Talk about using your iPad for things other than Netflix!

These are just three examples but there are many more like these. Has anyone won big on online casino? Yes, as you can clearly see. Will it happen again? Absolutely. The online casino industry is pretty well regulated and has to publish its payout percentages publicly.

The chances of winning are slim, that is obvious, but they are no worse than if you were to play at an actual casino. In fact, they may even be slightly better in some cases!


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