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How good is bet365?

How good is bet365?

How good is bet365? That is a question that we get asked quite often and it is an easy one to answer. Bet365 is very good and easily among the best online casinos that are out there. In fact, in most aspects, nothing is going to come to close to Bet365. However, as the biggest casino and sportsbook in the world, Bet365 does not have to go out looking for customers and so may not offer the best bonuses or offers.

How good is bet365?

Bet365 is the gold standard that every other online casino is going to aspire to. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange, its owner is one of the richest people in the UK, and the company is the largest employer of people in the UK as well! It is as legitimate as an online casino can be with relationships with some of the biggest sports teams in the world and an impeccable record of service.

You may hear some rumors about the company shutting down accounts that win a lot of money but we find that to be absolute hogwash. Some of the biggest winning bets in history have been on the Bet365 platform.

As an India, you can make an account and play at bet365 but you may find it a bit less convenient than something like Betway or 10Cric. Sure, you can set up your account and work around the deposit options but it may take you a few extra clicks before your job is done.

Once you are set and playing at Bet365, though, you can be sure your money is safe. The company actually has a provision that even if it goes bankrupt, the banks or any creditors cannot seize its customers' money. How good is bet365? Very good and we have no doubt you should make an account with it!

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