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How to Play Slot Machines?

How to Play Slot Machines?

In the world of gambling, slot machines have historically been seen just a small time game in the huge field of casinos. But all that has changed with time. In modern day casinos, more than 70 percent of the revenues are generated by slot machines. One of the main reasons for that is the fact that almost 80 percent of first time visitors to a casino start by playing the slots. Although being popular, there is a huge percentage of people who have always wondered, how to play slot machines?,  and the answer to that is quite easy. Let’s have a quick look.

Types of slot machines

The commonest slot machine games found in modern day casinos include Video slots, Reel slots, Progressive slots and Themed slots. Single coin machines are now almost obsolete, and majority of casinos have Multiplier machines, which means that a player can play using any number of coins that he chooses to wager.

How to play slot machines?

The basics workings of all types of slot machines are similar.  You use money to buy coins or credits, and these credits are used to play the slot machine. Most slot machines have currency acceptors, where you can slide in bills, and buy credits.

In a reel slot, once you select the number of credits you want to bet on a single spin, hit the `spin reels´ button and you are good to go. There may be between 3 to 5 spinning reels on a typical slot machine, and there may be anywhere between 1-5 pay-out lines. Video slots can have anywhere between 5 to 50 pay lines.

Once you hit the play button, the reels spin, and the symbols get randomly lined up. If there is a winning combination of symbols along your pay line, you are accordingly awarded prize money. There are special symbols for bonus events like free spins or `scatter pays´. If you get a jackpot combination, you can make thousands or even millions of dollars.

If you win, you can `cash out´ . The machine spits out a barcoded ticket, and you can present it to redeem your winnings.

Slot machines are a relatively cheaper way to enjoy your time at the casino, and at the same time, offers you an opportunity to make a big winning.

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