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Is bet365 safe in India?

Is bet365 safe in India?

There is no name in the world of online betting or online gaming that comes close to Bet365. It is the biggest sportsbook in the world and a name that is considered to be as safe as a bank. Is bet365 safe in India? We have no hesitation that is it is absolutely safe.

Read on to know why we think that is the case.

Is bet365 safe in India?

Bet365 is a company that is present in countries all over the world. It handles a myriad of customers from different countries with different laws on a daily basis and yet has never been involved in any sort of controversy. The company is quite on top of things when it comes to local laws as well.

For example, while Bet365 continues to accept players from India, it has not stopped the registration of new accounts of people from Andhra Pradesh after the state government brought in a law that made anyone indulging in online gaming (even fantasy sports) liable to be prosecuted by the law.

The very fact that the company continues to accept players from other parts of India shows that it is confident it is in the right when it comes to any legal questions. Also, Bet365 is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission which is regarded as one of the restricted regulatory authorities in the world.

That means that every single game on Bet365 is safe and offers players a fair chance of winning. It also means that any money that your deposit at bet365 is perfectly safe. Bet365 actually has a clause with its banks where all of the money of its customers is kept separate from the money of Bet365. Under any eventuality, these cannot be clubbed and the customers' money must be returned to them whatever happens to the company.

Is bet365 safe in India? You bet it is!


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