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Is dream11 banned in India?

Is dream11 banned in India?

Is dream11 banned in India? Dream11 has achieved great popularity with Indian sports enthusiasts and currently boasts of more than 10 crore players on its platform. The company regularly advertises prizes running into lakhs of rupees to its players. Every now and then, you may have come across legal issues associated with dream11.

Is dream11 banned in India?

No, dream11 is not banned in India, except in a few states, where it is not available.

There have been several cases filed in various courts, questioning the legality of fantasy sports. During the judgment for one such case, an Indian High Court has stated that playing on dream11 requires considerable skill and research in order to win. Players are required to choose a team made up of at least the same number of players as a real-life team. The contest runs through the entire duration of the game, rather than a particular event, and no changes can be made to the team once a game starts.

This eliminates any `element of chance´, and makes dream11 a `skill-based game´. According to the current law for betting and gambling, The Public Gambling Act of 1867, only `games of chance´ are under its purview, and hence, dream11 is exempt. Therefore, dream11 is legal to play in India.

The court, in its judgment, also mentioned that dream11 was a legitimate business activity under article 19(1)g of the Indian constitution.

However, a few states have formed their own laws for such games of skill. According to the dream11 website, its services are not available to the residents of Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Telangana, Nagaland, Assam, and Odisha, as these states either do not have clear laws for games of skill or have banned them completely.

Is dream11 banned in India? For the individuals residing in the rest of the country, it is perfectly legal as of now to play dream11.

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