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Is dream11 gambling?

Is dream11 gambling?

Dream11 is the most popular form of fantasy gaming in India right now. Is dream11 gambling? This company is now valued well over a Billion dollars and is expanding to more and more sports. The real trick has been getting around the Indian gambling laws. The Supreme Court of India has judged Dream11 to be a sport of skill where the players have to use their knowledge of the game to win contests and cannot just rely on plain luck.

We sort of disagree with this assessment and we will share with you why.

Is dream11 gambling?

Dream11 may not be considered gambling by the legal definition of it but we really don't see much of a difference. People have to play with money to win money, they are trying to predict the outcome of the game or the players that are going to do well, and the game can be addictive in nature.

In fact, there are also some other areas where Dream11 is significantly worse for players than traditional betting or gambling. The chances of winning at Dream11 are lower, there is no way that you can hedge your bets through in-play betting, the maximum prizes are lesser, and the contests are limited.

Is dream11 gambling? You can argue that it is worse than gambling in a lot of ways!

The fact that Dream11 and other fantasy gaming companies like it have been deemed legal is the reason why they can now advertise without any restrictions. This is the only reason they are better known and more popular in India than other online casinos like 10cric or Betway.

We have no doubts that people would actually end up with more money and enjoy traditional sports betting a lot more. Maybe in time, Dream11 will have some real competition if India goes down the path of legalizing sports betting.

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