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Is gambling a mental illness?

Is gambling a mental illness?

Gambling is a part of human nature. It is natural to try and predict the outcome of things and put something at stake. It has been going on since time immemorial and will always continue to be so. In excess, though, it can be a problem and there is no denying that. Is gambling a mental illness? We do not think it is, however, it does have an addictive nature to it so people that are unable to stay in control should stay away.

Is gambling a mental illness?

We don't think so. An excess of anything is bad and in moderation, you can do pretty much anything. Gambling is not doing class A drugs which cause dependence through the effects that they have. Gambling is, however, known to produce a strong dopamine response in the body that can be so powerful that people return for their ‘fix' again and again.

Online casinos like Bet365, Betway, and others recognize this potential of gambling to be a problem and this is why they offer their players the tools to stay in control. This is a part of the ‘Responsible Gambling‘ initiative where the online casinos proactively intervene and limit the amount of gambling from certain accounts that exhibit some disturbing behavior.

As a bettor, you can yourself limit the amount of money or time or the things that you can bet on.

Is gambling a mental illness? It is not but it can cause a lot of mental strife in players. The problem comes when players start to chase their losses. Play with only the amount of money that you can stand to lose completely. It is difficult to stop when you are winning and even more difficult to walk away when you are losing.

Take the help of someone close if you are in doubt and trust your instincts.

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