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Is gambling good or bad?

Is gambling good or bad?

Is gambling good or bad? This is a tough question. We are not in the business of moral policing and so we do not consider gambling to be good or bad. We understand that some people have their reservations about the issue but most people seem to agree that is a harmless pursuit that is not going to bother a lot of people. There are some others, though, that have very strong feelings about gambling.

Is gambling good or bad?

We think it is true to say that anything taken to an unhealthy excess is bad. That is true for eating fast food, gambling, or shopping. Do anything that is beyond what most people would consider normal and you end up causing harm to yourself and others around you.

The same is true with gambling.

India has a very old relationship with gambling. There are a number of games that have originated in India and there is no doubt that people, in general, enjoy gambling. Yet, legalized gambling is illegal in India (with a few exceptions) and people consider it to be a social evil.

What is the difference between putting INR 100 on a Teen Patti game or on the outcome of an IPL cricket match? In both situations, you need to understand the game, the risk involved, and then consider the return. If after all that you feel that the risk is worth it, you play the game.

We actually think that gambling has become safer with the rise of online casinos like Betway. These are highly regulated by trustworthy gambling commissions and have tools to help recognize any behavior indicating the rise of addiction before it actually takes root.

We believe that people are going to gamble whether someone else likes it or not. They might as well do it in safe environment. Is gambling good or bad? That is an individual question and we respect all opinions.

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