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Is gaming legal in India?

Is gaming legal in India?

India is a modern nation in a lot of respects but it also has a long way to go in some important ways. One of these is its attitude towards individual freedoms and allow adults to make their own choices. Gaming is one of the biggest drivers of tourism and tax benefits around the world but India continues to treat it as something to be avoided. Is gaming legal in India? It is in certain parts but in most others, it is considered illegal. This is why people have started to find loopholes in the law to get around these restrictions.

Is gaming legal in India?

Gaming is legal in India but only in the regions of Goa, Sikkim, and Diu. Lotteries are now legal in over 10 states in India. Horse Racing is considered to be a game of skill and is legal all over the country. Rummy too is considered to be legal in India.

As you can see a large part of gaming is already legal, however, sports gambling continues to be looked down upon.

For this, people have started to turn to online casinos like Royal Panda which not only offer access to some of the best casino games (slots, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and many more) but also offer a very good sportsbook to bet on all the popular sports.

These online casinos are not registered in India and so do not fall under the jurisdiction of Indian laws. Also, the Public Gambling Act was formed in 1867 and did not say anything about online casinos at all!

Is gaming legal in India? It partly is and the online casinos ate filling in the gaps left in the market. If you want to game from India, there are plenty of avenues to do so from the comfort of your home and in complete safety.

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