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Is it legal to play casino games in India?

Is it legal to play casino games in India?

Is it legal to play casino games in India? That is something everyone who is interested in gambling would like to know. Here is whar you should know. Gambling is illegal in India thanks to an archaic act that is almost 200 years old. However, we know that gambling is a large part of Indian culture and tolerated as a harmless vice. One of those things that is illegal but not wrong. Online gambling, though, is technically not illegal in India. How so? Find out.

Is it legal to play casino games in India?

The answer to this question really depends on where you play these casino games. Physical casinos are only legela in a couple of states in India and so you can obviously play casino games over there without any trouble. If you are playing at a physical casino in other parts of India then you are at an illegal establishment that can get you in trouble.

However, you are playing online then you are in a gray area where you may actually be on the right side of the law.

The law that banks gambling in India is so old that it does not make any mention of online casinos. Such a thing did not exist when the law was made. In fact, the internet was not a think when that law was written so that cannot possibly apply in todays time!

This is the loophole that most of the major online casinos around the world use to function in India. Betway, 10Cric, and Betwinner are some of the world-class casinos that are all available to play on in India. In fact, all of these places are desperate to have the Indian customers on their platforms.

This is why, you have to read more about the law and find out whether what you are doing is indeed illegal or not. We don't think playing casino games online is illegal but that is just our opinion!

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