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Is Joker higher than Ace?

Is Joker higher than Ace?

Teen Patti is a relatively simple game to start out but it can quickly go into a number of complications. One of the most popular ways to play Teen Patti is to play ‘variations'. This is when the dealer introduces a specific variation (or rule) for that round. It is used to spice up the game, take the bets higher, and make it more interesting. Almost every variation involves a Joker. Is Joker higher than Ace?

That can be a bit tricky but we will share the rule that is generally followed.

Is Joker higher than Ace?

A Joker can be any card depending upon the game. Let us say for example, that the variation being played is ‘Small card Joker'. In this case, the smallest card that a person holds will be a Joker and can assume any value to help the person make the biggest card set possible.

Obviously, the value of the card has to be within the rules of the normal card set and that is where the Ace is the biggest.

So, a Joker can be any number including an Ace but it can never be bigger than an Ace.

There is another possibility as well and that one is a bit more tricky. There can be a situation where two people have cards that are the same but one has a Joker and the other does not. For example, one player has been dealt three Aces while the other has been dealt one Ace and a pair of threes.

Under a normal situation, the person with the Acess is going to win. However, if three is a joker then the second person also has three Aces effectively. Now, Is Joker higher than Ace? The rules may vary as per the dealer, however, in general, the person with the genuine cards should get the preference.

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