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Is Livebid safe?

Is Livebid safe?

The increased popularity of online gaming has lead to the launch of many online sportsbooks and casinos. A simple search on the internet presents you with a wide range of betting and gambling websites to choose from. One such name which crops up during the search is Livebid. It is a relatively unknown name but nevertheless offers online betting and gambling services. Is Livebid safe?

Is Livebid safe?

On opening the website, you will find very little information about the way the site operates, except for the names of various games you can play on the site. The website claims to offer live games like Teen Patti, a VIP casino section, and slot games.

At the top of the screen, there is an option to toggle between an exchange, casino, and sportsbook. But any effort to elicit information requires to create an account. Customer service comprises of live chat and telegram chatting function.

There is no information whatsoever regarding the country or address of the website, or the gaming authority by which it is licensed. In short, the website seems pretty opaque and puts a question mark on its reliability.

How to identify a fake betting and gaming site

It is quite easy to get lost in the maze of betting and gambling websites. Before you start playing with one, you should always conduct due diligence to avoid any problems at a later stage.

It is quite easy to spot a fake or shady website, as it will offer little or no information regarding its license, or other affiliations.

You can also search for reviews given by other users regarding the website. A reputed gambling website will have multiple customer support channels, including a phone number, email id, live chat, etc.

All in all, in most cases, it is easy to spot a fake website, by looking for some key points. Players should always refrain from dealing with such websites to avoid any potential monetary losses.

Is Livebid safe? At this point we would steer clear from it.

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