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Is online casino fixed?

Is online casino fixed?

Is online casino fixed? That is a question that we get very often. The people that ask this are usually of two kinds. The first are those that have played a bit on the online casinos and have not had any luck. They think it is rigged against them. The other is the person that is wary of putting his/her money on an online casinos because the chances of winning may be minuscule. We are here to tell you that these fears are unfounded.

Is online casino fixed?

No, it is not. The leading online casinos like 22bet, 10Cric, Betyway, Casumo, or Bet365 are all licensed by trustworthy gaming commissions. They make sure that each and every game on the online casino is fair and adheres to the accepted standards.

They even have to publish their statistics about the number of people that won on their games individually on a regular basis.

Of course, every game has a built-in edge for the casino. That is to be expected and the constitutes the element of risk that you accept to when you play. Is online casino fixed? No, just because there is an in-built edge, it does not make the game rigged.

Look for games where the house edge is small like baccarat or Andar Bahar. These are games where you have close to a 50-50 chance of winning and this is why the high-rollers prefer these games. You need to be smart and play within the system. Also, always play at a licensed online casino.

There are some online casinos that do not have any licenses or certifications and we have no way of knowing whether their games are fair or not. Stick to the big names and we are sure you will have a good experience. you just need a little luck to go your way.


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