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Is Royal Panda legal in India?

Is Royal Panda legal in India?

Is Royal Panda legal in India? That is a loaded question because the answer can be a bit subjective. Everything is a bit of a muddle when it comes to India and its betting laws so the answer to this question is not just a straightforward yes or no.

Read on for a more detailed explanation.

Is Royal Panda legal in India?

In our opinion, it is. At least as legal as any other online casino operating in India. The Public Gambling Act, the main law that makes gambling and related activities illegal in India, was formed in 1867.

That was a time when the world was a very different place. There were no online casinos because there was no internet at the time and so the law does not say anything about them. This means that the law does not make it illegal to play at an online casino.

Now, the question ‘Is Royal Panda legal in India?’ can be answered as yes because there is nothing that makes it illegal. Of course, we are not legal experts here and do not know how this question would be interpreted by the courts of India.

The fact is that no one has ever been charged or fined for playing at an online casino. Also, the casinos themselves are not registered in India and are all headquartered in countries where gambling is legal.

None of the authorities then have any sort of legal jurisdiction over the online casinos.

This is why we believe that Royal Panda is legal in India and that people can have a worry-free world-class experience playing on its platform. Do some research by yourself and take a legal opinion if you think it is necessary before making your decision.

India has many more pressing problems to take care of rather than worry about some people playing online casino games in their free time with their own money.

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