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Is Tambola gambling?

Is Tambola gambling?

Tambola is a game that everyone in India would be familiar with. There are some other names for it as well including Bingo, Housie, and more but the game is familiar to people of all ages. Recreational clubs, birthday parties, or at festivals, Tambola almost always makes an appearance. Is Tambola gambling? This is an interesting question and one that we will answer for you right now.

Is Tambola gambling?

Strictly speaking, Tambola is a game of chance and so if you are playing it with money, the law considers it as Gambling. This may seem completely preposterous to you but that is the reality of the gambling laws in India right now. They are outdated and need to be bright into the modern age.

Tambola is basically a game in which every player buys a ticket with a random set of numbers on it. The caller calls out numbers and you keep ticking them off if you have them. There are prizes for people who get a certain set of numbers or in a certain order before anyone else.

This same game is available at reputable online casinos like Royal Panda and LeoVegas as well.

Technically, if you play online Tambola then you are not doing anything illegal since the Public Gambling Act does not specifically mention online casinos as being illegal. That is the loophole that all the major online casinos in India are using.

There are many other games that are popular across India as well. We are talking about Rummy, Andar-Bahar, Jhandi Munda, and more. You can play these against a computer or live against other human players as well. The beauty of playing these online in a world-class environment has to be experienced to be believed.

We think you should check it out yourself. Is Tambola gambling? According to the law it is!

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