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What are free spins bonus?

What are free spins bonus?

What are free spins bonus? How do you get them? They are a part of a gambling website’s welcome offers, which helps them attract new players, or they are used by sites to reward their loyal players. Let’s see how they work.

What are free spins bonus?

Free spins bonus give you the chance to play at a slot game, without having to risk your own real money, but have the same chance of winning real cash as you would have if you bet your own money.

The free spins are usually played on the maximum number of pay lines available on a slot, while the stake amount is the minimum possible.

Money won using free spins on a slot is credited to your gambling account, but is usually tied to the wagering requirement before you can withdraw them. What this means is you have to bet the winning amount a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn. This is done in order to minimize the losses to a casino while giving out free spins.

Free spins are great for trying out slot games while risking little or none of your own money. Some sites allow you to use the free spins on any of the slot games available on the site, while some websites allow their use only on a few games. Some websites also give out free spins on a new slot game that they have launched so that players can get a feel of the same, and come back to spend real money.


While many websites give out free spins, it is advisable that the players go through the fine print, and read all the terms and conditions associated with the free spins in detail. While there are no chances of making a loss with free spins, doing proper research can help you walk out with a decent profit using them.

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