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What is the punishment for gambling in India?

What is the punishment for gambling in India?

Gambling and/or running a gambling house (casino) is illegal in India thanks to an outdated law that was passed more than 140 years ago. That's right. The law was passed by the British and is still the basis on which gambling is considered to be against the law in India. What is the punishment for gambling in India? That is something that has remained unchanged and is now, quite frankly, laughable.

What is the punishment for gambling in India?

According to the Public Gambling Act 1867, the punishment for gambling in India is INR 100 or 1 month in prison. Similarly, a person found responsible to be running a gambling establishment can be fined INR 200 or 3 months in prison.

Interestingly, no one has ever been charged or fined for online gambling in India. The reason behind this could be that the Public Gambling Act does not make any mention of online gambling at all. Since online casinos did not exist at the time the act was implemented (even the internet did not exist!), there is nothing to make online gambling illegal.

Also, online casinos are registered in countries where gambling is legal and so they do not follow India's laws.

Playing at an online casino is like playing at a casino in Macau or Las Vegas.

It must be mentioned here that we are not a legal company and for the exact legal opinion, you must seek the advice of a professional law firm. Gambling in India is only legal in a few states as of now. The trend seems to be changing, though, as fantasy gaming apps introduce people to the idea of playing with money on the line.

These fantasy apps are just a short throw away from gambling and we think it is just a matter of time before sports gambling is legalized in India.

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