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What should I wear in Goa casino?

What should I wear in Goa casino?

Traditional casinos, whether they are land-based or off-shore, frown upon casual dressing on the gambling floor. This is true particularly if you are playing table games like Baccarat, Blackjack, or Roulette. The idea is that casinos are a night out and so people should dress up so that the entire atmosphere is classy. This is true for casinos all over the world and Goa is no different. What should I wear in Goa casino?

Read on to find out.

What should I wear in Goa casino?

You can wear anything as long as you are slightly formally dressed. You do not have to wear a suit but you should avoid jeans and shorts. Formal pants with closed shoes (not sneakers) and a collared T-shirt/ Shirt should be absolutely acceptable at any of the casinos in Goa. For females, dresses are the easiest, however, they can also get away with Indian suits or sarees.

Most casinos in Goa are not going to fuss over the attire of women as that can be a touchy issue in India.

The choice of what you wear may also depend on which casino you are playing at. For example, if you are playing at Casino Pride, you may be able to get away with Jeans and a T-shirt but that may not fly at the Deltin Royale.

What should I wear in Goa casino? To be safe, we always advise people to dress up rather than down as there is no such things as being too well-dressed for an occasion!  If you find these dress codes a bit outdated, and we understand that completely, check out online casinos like 22Bet which have been functioning in India for quite some time now.

Not only can you play from any state in the country but you can also wear what you want!

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