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Which casino is better in Goa?

Which casino is better in Goa?

Goa is the gambling capital of India right now. There are casinos in other parts of India as well like Sikkim and Diu but they are not as accessible to the rest of the country as Goa is. Also, the fact that Goa is established as a tourist favorite also helps make its casinos the busiest in the country. Which casino is better in Goa? We think we have the best recommendation for you! Read on.

Which casino is better in Goa?

Deltin Royale is our choice for the best casino in Goa. It is a massive casino with over 50,000 square feet of gambling floor and has everything that you are looking for. The focus is on Live Dealer games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and some local favorites but you can find video Poker, Slot machines, and other casino favorites as well.

It is no coincidence that most of the major Poker tournaments held in India are hosted by Deltin Royale. If you are a high-roller and are looking to be pampered while you play then this is the place for you as well. There is a separate floor where only the high-rollers play and only top-shelf liquor is served there.

For people that are interested in the buffet, the spread is very lavish and the food is always well-reviewed. You are not going to find anything lacking when you go the Deltin Royale.

The minimum entre fees that you pay is a bit higher than at other casinos, however, it is worth it because you get the same amount to play as casino chips. You must use them at the casino, though, as they cannot be returned for real money. If you do bet with them and win something then you will get real casino chips in return that you can cash out.

Which casino is better in Goa? We think it is Deltin Royale by a mile!

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