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Why are casinos allowed in Goa?

Why are casinos allowed in Goa?

Why are casinos allowed in Goa? What makes Goa special? Well, the reason that Goa has become the gaming capital of India is that it earns a tremendous amount of money from these operations. That is the underlying fact behind everything else because eventually, it is money that makes the world go around.

Why are casinos allowed in Goa?

Casinos and gambling in India may be banned because of an archaic law that continues to exist even though it has no place in modern-day India. However, there have been a few amendments to that law including one that basically allows the states to make their own rules about the subject.

One of the few states that have allowed casinos to be set up in the state is Goa.

The economy of Goa is run by the tourism industry. Yes, it has some mining and other industrial complexes there as well but the majority of the state depends on the influx of tourists. The beautiful beaches of Goa, the idyllic cafes, and the laid-back lifestyle is a big draw for sure but nowadays, Goa has to compete with other Asian destinations around the world for Indian tourists.

This is why the decision to allow casinos to be set up in the casino is a masterstroke. Why are casinos allowed in Goa? It immediately makes Goa a place where families can have fun together at the beach during the day time, go clubbing if they want afterward, or play their favorite casino games once the children are off to bed!

It is the entire Las Vegas experience right here in India! Of course, we know the appetite for Indian customers for online casinos is massive. Sites like Leovegas and Royal Panda are thriving in India because there is so much pent up demand for casino games.

Frankly speaking, it is high time that other states followed suit and entered into the modern-day era that most of the world lives in.

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