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Why are Casinos banned in India?

Why are Casinos banned in India?

Why are Casinos banned in India? That is a valid question to ask as India continues to progress but still clings to old laws that frankly do not make sense anymore. To understand the somewhat difficult relationship that India has with Casino's, you have to understand India.

Why are Casinos banned in India?

The British formulated a law against gambling in 1867 which continues to stand even now. That is the basis on which casinos and all forms of gambling have been banned in India. of course, there was no online gambling in those times and so that does not find a mention in the law. This is the loophole or gray area that online casinos like Casumo, Bet365, Betway, and many others utilize to accept Indian players on their platforms.

Of course, India could have repealed that law if it so wished like it did so many others.

The fact that it did not is down to a lot of politics that is played with what are considered as ‘Sin' industries. Alcohol, Tobacco, and even the movie-making businesses suffered from political interference for a long time.

There are signs that things are changing, though.

Casinos are now legal in the states of Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. There are also plenty of reports that Sports betting may be legal very shortly bringing in long-overdue oversight to a largely unorganized industry. This is the way that the world is moving, unfortunately, the pace of change can be quite slow in India.

Why are Casinos banned in India? A lot of it has to with the fact that no political party wants to be seen as promoting gambling because it will ‘corrupt the youth' and ‘tarnish society' and other imaginary things. Hambling is in the Indian culture but as long as we keep turning a blind eye to things, no one really questions anything.


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