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Why are casinos kept so cold?

Why are casinos kept so cold?

Walking in to a casino is exciting, with its great flashy interiors and hypnotic music. But one thing that you might not notice immediately, but will realize when you spend some time inside the casino, is that they are kept freezing cold, even though you may be in the middle of a desert, like Las Vegas. Why are casinos kept so cold?

There is a very good reason behind it.

Why are casinos kept so cold?

Casinos are kept cold in order to keep you from getting sleepy and keep you alert. Also, you are more likely to spend time on the casino floor rather than the bustling heat outside.

There are some other tricks too up a casino's sleeve, to keep you playing at the tables.


If you might have paid attention, the carpets at a casino are always bright, and with loud, colorful designs, rather than being plain and monotonous. These too are designed to keep you awake and alert, as they act as a sort of a shock to your eyes.


Most casinos provide you a lavish buffet spread, which is free, and included with the entry fees. This gives a great first impression on the minds of punters. Also, casinos serve free alcoholic beverages at the table, as you are more likely to take wise decisions when you are sober.

No clocks

You are unlikely to find a clock or any display showing the time in a casino. This is in order to prevent the patrons from getting an idea as to how long have they been gambling. Also, the casino floors usually have no windows, as they can give some perspective of time to the players on the floor.


Why are casinos kept so cold? This is just one of the many tricks that casinos use. As seen above, casinos go to great lengths to ensure that you spend the maximum amount of time on the floors. The more you play, the more likely is for a casino to win at your expense.

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