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Why are casinos not allowed in India?

Why are casinos not allowed in India?

Casinos are the ultimate form of entertainment for people above the legal gambling age. They are popular across the world and drive economic development around themselves everywhere they are. So, Why are casinos not allowed in India? Why does India limit the growth and development of this industry that can give a huge boost to tourism and employment?

Let us try to figure this out.

Why are casinos not allowed in India?

The main reason that Casinos are not allowed in India is that India is a conservative country and casinos are perceived as being a ‘sin' industry. Like Alcohol or Tobacco, Casinos are easy to regulate and can be made into a political issue very easily.

The hypocrisy is that all of the politicians making noise about casinos are those that enjoy them the most when they are traveling abroad. Also, it is not like gambling is something that Indians do not take part in. Most of our holidays and festivals are celebrated with gambling games played in every household. For many people, Diwali is all about Teen Patti even now.

There are some parts of India that have seen the light and modified the gambling laws. Goa, Sikkim, and now Diu are three areas where casinos are legal. The governments have limited them to Five-star properties or offshore ships but they have still boosted the tax collections and tourism in those states immensely.

Why are casinos not allowed in India? The root of the cause is the Public Gambling Act of 1867 that was passed by the British and has basically been in force unaltered since then. It is high time that India move out of this archaic mindset and in step with the rest of the world. Legalization and regulation of the gambling industry will provide a lot of benefits to the players, the casino owners, as well as the society around them.

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