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Why are there no casinos in India?

Why are there no casinos in India?

India is a country where change is slow to take place. As a country, India loves to cling to some idealistic notions of the past, even when they have historically been ignored by the people at large. Let us take gambling as an example. It is in the culture of Inda to gamble as we do at all our major festivals and holidays. Unfortunately, our political parties insist on making gambling a moral issue and refusing to make it legal. Why are there no casinos in India? That is not entirely true as Goa, Sikkim, and Diu have casinos but the vast majority of the country considers casinos illegal in India.

Why are there no casinos in India?

Gambling is a state subject in India and so different states have different laws regarding it. Apart from three states/union territories in India, gambling is considered to be illegal. This is the reason that India does not have any casinos in the major part of its boundaries.

The act that prevents gambling in India, the Public Gambling Act, was passed in 1867. That act does not make any mention of online gambling as it did not exist back then. The Act has also not been updated so there is still nothing in the law that makes online casinos illegal.

This is why, while India may not have many physical casinos, it has a huge number of people playing at online casinos like 10cric and Betway and having the time of their lives. It is not uncommon for people to win lakhs and even crores of rupees while playing at online casinos.

Of course, the number of people that win big amounts is very low, but it does happen, and that is the allure of gambling.

Why are there no casinos in India? We believe that to be a largely political thing rather than anything else.

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