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Why do I lose every time I gamble?

Why do I lose every time I gamble?

Gambling is a mix of luck and skill with both equally important depending on the game your playing of course. There is not much that you can do about the first, however, you can try to use math to try and give yourself a good chance of winning. Why do I lose every time I gamble? You may be playing the wrong games, playing at the wrong casino, or just going through a horrendous run of luck.

Why do I lose every time I gamble?

There are several different answers as to why this could be happening. The most common reason for getting on a long losing streak is not playing the right game. If you think you are going to win every time you play slots then you are wrong. They have one of the worst chances of winning and the biggest casino edges built-in.

On the other hand, if you are playing a game like Baccarat or Andar Bahar then you have a nearly 50% chance of winning.

This chance of winning is on the base bet, though. These odds decrease immediately if you start playing the side bets that may have higher returns but the chances of you winning decrease dramatically as well.

Why do I lose every time I gamble? Make sure you are playing a legitimate online casino like Bet365 or Betway where you will get games that are fair and allow the players a decent chance of winning. This is something that they are required to do by the Gaming Commission otherwise they risk incurring some very heavy fines.

Finally, if you think you are doing everything right and still losing then take a break. Sometimes luck is just not going your way and it can be frustrating to fight against it. Come back with a fresh mind and a positive outlook.

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