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Why do I never win at the casino?

Why do I never win at the casino?

Luck can be difficult to quantify. There are some people that never seem to win and there are others that win almost every single time. We leave that part of the equation because there is nothing that can be done about it. Why do I never win at the casino? Well, it may also be that you are just choosing the wrong kinds of games to play in the first place. That is something that you can do something about.

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Why do I never win at the casino?

If you find yourself losing every single time that you are playing then you should consider changing your online casino. Make sure that you are playing at a licensed and regulated online casino that will provide you with a fair environment in which to play.

If after that also you continue to lose then you should look at the kind of games that you are playing. There are some games that have a much lower probability of winning, like slots, while there are others in which you almost have a 50% chance of winning like Andar-Bahar, Baccarat, or even Blackjack.

If you are playing the right kind of game and still losing then look at the kind of bets you are placing. Not every single bet in a game has the same chance of paying out. The basic Andar or Bahar bet will carry a win rate of 50% but the other side bets have a much lower percentage of winning.

Try and see the odds to get an idea of how likely that bet is to pay out in the end.

Why do I never win at the casino? The final piece of the puzzle may be loved by checking out the RTP. This Return to Player percentage indicated how much money a casino is returning to the players playing that game. Try and choose a game that is in the nineties at least.

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