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Why dream11 is not banned in India?

Why dream11 is not banned in India?

Dream11 is India’s most popular fantasy sports platform, having more than 10 crores registered users. To a layman, dream11 may look like a form of betting or gambling, as it involves people putting in money to play, and winners getting paid out. And as betting is considered to be illegal in India, why dream11 is not banned in India?

Why dream11 is not banned in India?

Betting and gambling in India are covered by the Public Gambling Act of 1867. According to the law, any wagering, which involves an element of `chance´ can be considered as betting or gambling and is considered to be illegal.

Over the past decade, a number of cases have been filed against dream11 in particular, and against fantasy gaming in general, for them to be considered as gambling, and hence illegal.

But in a landmark judgment, the Punjab and Haryana high court had dismissed a petition regarding the same, stating that there was a difference between fantasy gaming and gambling.

Fantasy gaming involves a considerable amount of skill on the part of its players, to choose a team. One has to do research regarding the player’s current and past form, the venue of games, weather, etc. before making their selections.

A fantasy team should contain an equal number of players that play in a real-world team and should include players from both the teams, thus eliminating any bias towards a particular team.

No changes are allowed in the team once the game starts, and the duration of a contest is spread over the entire match.

All participants are given an equal number of credits (100), which can be used at their discretion, and there is no unfair advantage to anyone. Also, the contest is conducted in a fully fair and transparent manner, without any hidden rules.

Why dream11 is not banned in India? All these distinguish dream11 from betting, and hence, according to the judgment, the Public Gambling Act is not applicable to it. That is why dream11 is not banned in India and is perfectly legal to play it.

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