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Why gambling is a bad idea?

Why gambling is a bad idea?

Ever since ancient times, gambling has been viewed as a vice and something which `good people´ don’t indulge in. Even today, gambling is looked down upon in many countries and societies and is even considered to be illegal. So why do so many cultures despise gambling? Why gambling is a bad idea?

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Why gambling is a bad idea?

Winnings are like a mirage

The biggest attraction for anyone visiting a casino, or playing online, is that of winning big money. But the fact is, big winners are few and far apart. For every person who has had a successful gambling career, there are countless more who have failed. While you may win a game or two now and then, gambling games are engineered in such a way that over the long run, you will eventually lose money. You will be forever running towards that elusive jackpot, like a mirage in the desert.

Gambling more than you can afford

You might start gambling on a limited bankroll on 22bet or another online casino of your choice. But it is quite easy to exhaust your bankroll, however big or small it may be, at the gambling table. If you are losing, you will be looking to win back your lost money, and if you are winning, you will be putting in even more money, tempted to win even more. But eventually, there are high chances that you will end up losing even your initial investment. There have been countless instances of people going bankrupt due to gambling.


This is the biggest danger of gambling. Why gambling is a bad idea? What starts as an innocuous fun activity, can rapidly spiral into an addiction. It has been scientifically proven that gambling increases the secretion of a hormone called dopamine, which is associated with pleasure. Once your body gets used to this dopamine rush, caused by the thrill of anticipation of a big win, it starts craving for it, again and again, turning people into compulsive gamblers.

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